Saturday, August 7, 2010


Yesterday was a bad day,....i dont know why? i was not able to talk to my girl freely.. Bit scared.. The more i am missing her the more i am getting scared..i dont want to loose her in my life...i dont knwo why i expected and wished to se eher yesterday.......i agree that she never said that she will have cam and she comes to online for me... But the fact is i am not used to this type of relationship.. But this realtion gave me happiness in life and some peace in heart tooo.... Today its saturday i thoguht she might be online today but she might be busy today........hope she is fine and safe....This blog is like my diary...where i can write what ever i think and what ever i feel on a day....Love is something which binds two persons in one realtion and makes the relation grow in to a family....i dont know why i wished to see her badly yesterday....maybe i am missing her and being alone and living alone i wished to see someone i love to make myself pleasant feel i am not alone...maybe i should understand her difficulties and her problems ...but i understood my fault of mine yesterday and i dont want to repeat it again....i will try to be patience and try to control my feelings....the more i love u the more i am missing u...its increasing day by u baby take care,................

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