Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love and Just Love

Love is the most fairy taled word attached and invented by a person who i guess have feelt the way love should be felt. And as what everybody says, its about understanding, patience and lots and lots of love. Honestly baby, i couldnt ask for more right now, coz ive met the one person who have loved me inspite all my imperfections, has accepted me despite my unacceptable and moody personality. This page wouldnt be enough to tell you that i love u so much and much more than what u expect. Its just hon, i beg your understanding that sometimes i am just so moody especially if i am in my lowest times. Times where i ask for understanding coz i had hurt you even if i dont like and i would like to hurt you. You know babe, you are the kindest man ive ever met, i love u and nothing will change. I hope youre legs is already fine babe,mwah mwah.

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