Wednesday, August 18, 2010

18th August

   18th august i think i wont forget this day......because i feeling sick physically and mentally.....physically due to small injury happened to me yesterday..and mentally that my girl is ignoring me not replying though she is on line.........well not her fault maybe i don't deserve her..i always want her to be happy.. i wish get up from this bed and just go off to some place where i don't feel alone it might be a railway station too but don't want to be home right now...cant see my girl in front of me and she is not talking to me and avoiding me..tough to bear this..don't know the reason i cant go anywhere as my legs r still hurting due to that injury...small injury bit painful..but  i am feeing left out today...not because i am alone its just she is on line and still i am alone ...don't know whats happening maybe i should not call her as my girl now.......i wish i can get up and go just a small hope is making em wait for her word...its fine....slowly things r changing and feelings r also i think on her side..but she is the one who gave me hope to live again...hope she wont be the reason to hate the word "LOVE".....take care....bye..........

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