Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Couldnt Ask for MOre

Lately i was thinking about u babe, thinking of the reason why Goda gave u to me. Perhaps because HE knew that i am in need of someone i can lean on, who will be my bestfriend, my lover and even just a companion but now i realized ive found more of u, you are the greatest partner i ever had and will ever have. Thank u for making me feel special always, thank u for loving me without reservation and thank u for choosing me to become part of your life. I was never been this happy before because u really take good care of me from the very start. You are the best boyfriend i ever had and perhaps it is indeed true that in all those that came along there will be one that will stand tall, and you stand tall among them not only because u have proven youre worth but because you have proved to me that youre worth of my love, youre worth of a true love and youre worth of a memories. I wish i could thank u now for everything that you became part of, for my smiles everyday and for giving me strength in all the tests in my life, lastly i want to give you the credits for become me whole again as a person, for regaining my self worth coz after the break up with an ex, i lost the confidence than i once had.
Thank u honey for accpeting me too for who i am and for im not, though its so painful before to accept the reality that i was been fooled by my bf because he found someone else, i still beg on him to come back coz i felt i belong with him and that i cannot find anymore a man like him but now i realized its his lost coz he cant find anymore a woman who can love him truelly as i love him the most. When i think of the heartaches i wen thru with him, all the insults that he had given to me, when he degraded me to the utmost level a woman could ever had, when he had left me with nothin, when he had taken my self worth and respect, i began to think if those were the things i want to reminisce. And now, when i can feel how much you gave me importance, i can really say that God is fair enough to reward me for all the miseries ive went thu. I may be unlucky for finding a person who have lost my self identity but in the end i was the most lucky woman for finding you at the most perfect time of my life.
THis may be the longet letter i have ever made in my life, but i dont care for once i wanted the whole world to know that once in a persons life there will come a time that u can be sure of the one person you have, i may not be sure of the future but i still want, i wish, i am dreaming of the entirety of us together.

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