Sunday, September 5, 2010

Im MIssing You So Much


I guess by the time you read this letter of mine youre eventually back home, i wish i could possibly chat with you now so that i could see you and talk to you what happened there. Im missing you a lot baby, i hope u knew that, even though we dont see each other very often but your here in my heart and every hour i always think of you. I wish to tell you a lot of things and reassured you always that i am here and that i will always keep my promise of loving you every single day. I wish you were fine now baby and how i wish im there to give you comfort, but i love you always and always and its a promise of forever.mwah

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quicky Update

I knew you will be going tomorrow to an actvity babe, but i just want you to know that not a single minute i have forgotten you, i missed you so much honey pie. You know i realized that as days go by much that i learn and i have understood your purpose in coming into my life, as ive said you re my soulmate coz you really prove something else to me. i love you and take good care always for me,

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Mother and a Wife what i dream of now, i want to have my own child while being a great wife. My honey pie wonders why i insist on getting pregnant this year, he even asks on what i eat because i am thinking this long term plan right on our conversation but what he doesnt know is that i want to be with him, im tired of being alone, i want to have someone to hold hands, someone to lie with at night and someone to teased with when i felt being childish. I missed honey;s laugh,hehehhe,i just love seeing him even everyday, lats night i was in deep thought, i guess ive found my one great love, my soulmate and the father of my children and a husband to me.I love u so much honey pie.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

How Are U Baby

Hows my baby now? i missed u so much baby, i wish you are gine now, hows the painful leg hon? you know that i love u so much, myabe youre still at work now but i want you to know that i am stil here, just here, still loving you and will always love you, until you dont want me anymore, until the end of time, until we grow old, until we shared our ast breath.mwah

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love and Just Love

Love is the most fairy taled word attached and invented by a person who i guess have feelt the way love should be felt. And as what everybody says, its about understanding, patience and lots and lots of love. Honestly baby, i couldnt ask for more right now, coz ive met the one person who have loved me inspite all my imperfections, has accepted me despite my unacceptable and moody personality. This page wouldnt be enough to tell you that i love u so much and much more than what u expect. Its just hon, i beg your understanding that sometimes i am just so moody especially if i am in my lowest times. Times where i ask for understanding coz i had hurt you even if i dont like and i would like to hurt you. You know babe, you are the kindest man ive ever met, i love u and nothing will change. I hope youre legs is already fine babe,mwah mwah.

18th August

   18th august i think i wont forget this day......because i feeling sick physically and mentally.....physically due to small injury happened to me yesterday..and mentally that my girl is ignoring me not replying though she is on line.........well not her fault maybe i don't deserve her..i always want her to be happy.. i wish get up from this bed and just go off to some place where i don't feel alone it might be a railway station too but don't want to be home right now...cant see my girl in front of me and she is not talking to me and avoiding me..tough to bear this..don't know the reason i cant go anywhere as my legs r still hurting due to that injury...small injury bit painful..but  i am feeing left out today...not because i am alone its just she is on line and still i am alone ...don't know whats happening maybe i should not call her as my girl now.......i wish i can get up and go just a small hope is making em wait for her word...its fine....slowly things r changing and feelings r also i think on her side..but she is the one who gave me hope to live again...hope she wont be the reason to hate the word "LOVE".....take care....bye..........

Monday, August 16, 2010

17th Aug....

   Hi.....Don't know how to start this she is on line but not talking to me...she said she is not feeling well....i don't know if its about health or some thing else...For one moment i thought she don't want to talk to me...i know she loves me..but there r things which she cant share with me......i decided not to force her and not to disturb her.... after waiting for an hour ..though we r on words..maybe she is doing some thing important..i can write here what ever i felt to say to u when u r on line..but i don't have any opportunity right now so...i miss u...and missed u a lot and will be missing u always....i am not sad..its just u r the first one i talked to after i woke up...what a wonderful day it is...thanks for the words and love yesterday was a great day i have seen her smiling at me happy being with me.......its wonderful to spend time with my girl and seeing her smiling....being away form parents u r the only girl i wish tot talk after my mom...u r worth for it and some times i feel like i am disturbing her but she never made me think like that ...she is pleasure to have in my life.........i love u my baby............