Friday, July 30, 2010

love u

Today is saturday....wishing to see my baby ...she is bit low sicne two days...hope i was there to take care of her......its hard but maybe these things r important for us to strengthen our realtion and move forward....These days i am coming to online more than before for her..its quite a new experience ..waiting for my baby missing her....looking at her pics.....i dont know how she is after that robbery incident....i love my baby so much......being a doctor i sometimes question myself if i can give her happiness that a girl wants from her boy friend..because of my timings ..but i will try my level best for my girl to give her what ever she wants and what ever possible for when i woke up from bed i switched on the Pc to see her pic..i wished i could talk and see her when i woke up..its always good to see some one close to heart........there is some thing in her which is so fascinating .coz i didnt knwo that i can fall in love wiht otu seeing a girl in real.......and i never felt it as disadvantage coz i know i fould a precious diamond in the form of my girl u baby muahhhhhhhhhhhhhh missing u alot............muahhhhhhhhhh

My Man

THere are thre dearest man in my life right now, the first is my father who have loved me unconditionally since birth, sesond are my brothers who were always there for me even during my lowest times and lastly my love who showed me how great life is when shared with someone special, i can no longer ask for now except to strenghten our relationship amidst trials. I want to see myself with him until the day i can say our vows. I love you baby and thank u for being there for me.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Today is the most terrifying day of my life, i couldn't believe it will happen to me as none would eventually want this things to happen. When i arrived this morning at my room, the door surprised with a mess, everything was in chaos, my valuables was not anymore there and my phone was taken by people still up to now unidentified. I cried for help because i was helpless and i was shocked of what had happened. Shocked because i couldn't believe how unsafe i was, and scared too for myself. MY parents called me up very early to know how i was doing. I knew how worried they were when i told them what happened. Now, i certainly realized that the world is full of bitterness and evils. I wish i am protected by my family but i have to face the fact that i live alone, i earn for my living and i should stand by that fact. My other roommates advised me to sleep first and be calm, ive taken their advice, i knew i was physically tired and my brain was exhausted because of work and now i am terrified. I believe resting was the best thing to do, but i couldn't, i just cried and cried, as if its the ends of the world. I wish youre here babe, i wish youre here by my side, where i can sleep in your shoulder and cry all the hurt out. You know when you feel helpless you think of the one person that matters the most, you think of him as if you want him by your side that urgent, and i feel that way at that very moment. I wanted his presence badly so that someone could say everything will be okey, at least i could hear him saying "youre safe here",but i knew things are not the way i want to. But still the thought that he is there, thinking of me alleviates what im feeling now. When youre at your lowest, he brightens your day and he is the very reason why you wanted to go up from your bed and start another day.

I Just Thought

I always thought that love is about a fairy tale, you will find your prince charming soon, marry and lived happily ever after, but now i began to wonder why cinderrela did not broke his heart even once, and always almost all the books that ive ready has happy endings. Is it because they have pretty face? but im sure not because if love is based on looks then celibrity has the best marriages but its not, then is it based on wealth? i guess not either, coz if it is, then the kings and the queens lives most of their lives happily, but its not either. Maybe its the magic, not the gene either, its the magic of love.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

missing u

Cathy...this is one name which i am getting in my mind allthe time..while eating, drinking, sleeping,working she eats, how she drinks,how she sleeps? how she loooks while doing these things....not tired of imagining...but very eager to experience these things in she wrote how she felt when she heared my voice..Now i wish to say how i felt when i saw her i got some pics of her where i can see how pretty and cute she looks when smiling...especially she looks like an angel in pink and white..till now i saw those pics for atleast twenty to thirty times to findout in which pic she looks gorgeous....i failed to figure it out and came to conclusion that she is same allthe way and same in pics...what ever she wears what ever she do she is always same...looking forward for seeing her live in future.....she says i can read her mind..but i dont know if i can and i can say only one thing ..i.e.. its my pleasure being in realtion with u baby and love u so much for making me feel full. I dont knwo if i am much caring or not but i want u to be healthy and hearty all the time so that i dotn have to worry as i am far from u so much baby........................muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh miss u baby

Sweet Meme

This is one of the sweetest and happy memories i ever had with him. First time i heard his voice and exchange sweet conversations, ist like were very near with each other. What i really love about him is that he is the person who will really care for u above all else, tells you to eat, tell you to do what he thinks is right and really cared for u sincerely. I wish i coudl keep him forever in my heart, i can love u hon with no reservation, i can take good care of you like no one else did and i can love u with no conditions. I hope somehow we will be give the chance to meet and i can tell u personally how you mean to me and how you have hooked my heart from the very start. I wish i could lie down there beside you, in your arms and just talked about anything that we think, i wish i could cook for u and do things as you wish, i wish you could just love me as i have loved you now. I love u enought for me to compromise and enough for me to sacrifice.

My girl.........

I know we are apart from eachother but the feeing that i am not alone makes me feel so happy and bit sad that i am far from you.But i know we are made for eachother and we have whole life infornt of us wiht lots of love waiting for eachother. WE maybe physically far but we always think about us in every moment and in every work we do in our daily life. The moments r precious for me becoz she is special in my life and now i am not able to dream about other things else her.some times i get surprised how we met in internet and how we fell in snto love at first sight becoz i never seen her till now except in pic. but i didnt feel its unreal becoz i loved her character first then her beauty. As i am lucky i got a gorgeous girl freind so can expect a gorgeous doll as a daughter like her in my u my baby and love u so much........cathy..

LOve Cant Wait

Life is really so lonely without you, i just realized it after a few days of emptiness, for days that weve chatted i am simply used to our everyday routine that we always chat everyday or if not theres no week that i cant help but talk to u, and now its quite so sad that we are on a situation that i am on the other part of the world and youre at the other side of it, but i knew its work related and i understand that. You know hon, i hate the night lately coz everytime im alone i think of u,i miss everything.Cant wait the day we will finally see each other and savor the moment. Also hon, i am worried if youre just fine there, hopefully...Please always bear in mind that i love u so much,,soo much..

Another Day

When the sun rise, it doesnt just mean another day is coming but more importantly it means a hope to everyone who has lost the game yesterday, its a day where everyone couls start dreaming again, another day to start up again and another chance to make the mistake of yesterday right. Isnt it great to think that in our life we had the chance to meet someone who could change the world for us? and isnt it amazing that in this journey there will be a day that will come that we can meet a man/woman who can change our world. LUckily, i have met someone who have change my life and who made me felt cared and loved. I can say that he is the one person who stands tall among the rest. I may not say that we are perfect for each other because we have our flaws and our indifferences but i am proud to say that i cannot see myself with other man except to him.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LOve and Sacrifice

THis blog is about love, about trust and about sacrifice. Though we both lives in different country, vary in culture and share different views and opniions but we are binded with same vision, the two of us walking down the aisle in a vow uttered in a special unioun, soon.