Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Love You Because.....

Maybe i may never had this chance again to thank u for coming into my life, maybe i may be forgetful or in every passing day i forgot to tell you that u mean the world to me. Before i was askin myself why i havent met the person im looking for, and during the time the man i loved most left me, i said to myself i will no longer love the way i have loved that man. BUt now i can really say that youre the man ive been waiting for, i love u so muc how, whenever i remember all the pains and heartaches that i went through and the day i met, it was a fair bargain. You came into my life the moment i needed someone, the moment i needed a shoulder and at the perfect moment i am already ready to be in love and to try love the second time around. Youre coming has brought me to be a better woman once more. I want to wait for the day i can tell you personally how much i love you. I wish you could also wait for me honey. Everyday i am thinking of you- of you alone. Right now, i just had one more wish - to see you and the day i can give myself to you. Love you, love you and love u.

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