Thursday, August 12, 2010

I terribly MIssed U

I dont know whats happening, why you are not here, why you dont want to show up, i really really missed u, im really just wondering why even at the most important day of our relationship, you havent even greeted me, are u giving up on us? I know i can sense what the problem, i knew its so hard for us babe but pls im begging, pls stay. I knew its even harder that im acting so childish lately, i cant promise i will not do it anymore but i promise to try it even better, to act matured for you. I missed u so much honey, far from you imagine. You know we have promised together that we will fight for our relationship, but why is it that i felt being alone now, why i felt i am alone when we shoudl be together. Whats happening babe?
I hope you will not leave me without knowing whats wrong, i knew i dont have the right to demand for an explanation but at least give me some clues if i still have reason to call you "babe", i still want to become your woman hon., and i still dream that your my man and will always be my man. If you feel something not good lately hon, i am very sorry, i didnt meant to offend you or hurt you in any way. I love u so much.

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