Monday, August 9, 2010

Im So Sorry Baby

I don't know actually how to start this, i knew its all my fault, im becoming so childish and i cant understand myself too, i just realized it. I knew its so hard for both of us especially that were on the other side of the world. maybe then i was just so childish and its so different form child like. I knew it just started about the cam and i understand too that he wanted to see me, im sorry hon, maybe at that time i was just not okey that's why it end up that way but honey honey please know that i really don't intend to hurt you, maybe it just come that sometimes we have things that we cant tell, and i guess we need to have strong communication. I love u so much and i don't want you to be hurt too. The blame is mine. I hope you'll forgive me, whats important we have learned from this. Hug Hon.

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